If you’ve jumped on the options trading bandwagon in recent times, you’re not alone. Indian stock market has now become the options market with the majority of turnover coming from it. In fact, the popularity of investing in options is increasing tremendously with the increase in retail trader participation in the stock market. The Indian stock market is witnessing exponential growth year by year in the number of new people entering the market.

If you’re looking to go beyond stocks, mutual funds or bonds in your portfolio, options could be a good fit. Options give you, well, options for diversification. And while the risks can be high, so can the rewards. 

You may have heard that getting started with options trading is difficult, or it’s only for the most advanced investors. The reality is options are something virtually any investor can try — with the right know-how.

Once you’ve mastered options trading basic concepts, you may be interested in more advanced options trading strategies. As you become more comfortable with options trading, your investing efforts may include some of the commonly used techniques like covered, spread straddle etc.

How to use Options calls on Upmarket?

  • As of now Upmarket provides naked and spread calls in Options. Naked calls are mostly intraday calls and all other calls are spread calls. Spread calls help you limit your losses if the trade goes against you.
  • It is recommended to learn the basics of options trading before taking the options calls. To choose the best calls you should be aware of basic terms in options like Call, Put, Decay, POP, Spread etc
  • Options calls are generated mostly in the index like Nifty and Bank Nifty.
  • We also provide various parameters to help you choose the right call. This includes Past Accuracy, ROI, POP, Max Profit and Loss. 
  • All options calls are generated in the live market considering the market situation at that time. 

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