Decay Rider is a proprietary trading strategy designed by the experts of Upmarket. 

Decay Rider is the advanced version of the basic credit spread option strategy. 

How to use or trade in Decay Rider calls?

  • This strategy is designed for the range-bound or moderately moving market. It is not recommended to use this strategy in highly volatile or trending markets.
  • This strategy earns money from premium decay in options.
  • If you are trading in this strategy it is recommended to take all calls generated under it. 
  • These calls have 3 profit targets or profit slabs where you can book your profit. You can book your profit partially or fully after any of the targets is achieved
  • When 1st target is hit a new call will be generated and as we said earlier we recommend taking all calls generated under this strategy. 
  • These calls are spread calls and hence don't have a predefined stop-loss. You can wait till expiry or exit in between from the trade as per your market analysis.
  • These calls have predefined max profit and max loss so you are always aware of the maximum risk and reward you can get from that particular call.